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Supply of Material


For over a decade, ADEA has been building a solid relationship with our manufacturing partners in China, India, and Turkey. ADEA now acts the partner company in Australia for these manufacturers – providing the Australian and International market with materials such as steel, conductors, insulators, OPGW, high/medium/low voltage cables, signalling and control cables. All our manufactures meet ISO 99001/2008 standards, ensuring that all materials sourced maintain a high standard of quality.

Range of Services:

We are confident that we are able to source most of your procurement requirements and materials, in turn providing the most efficient and cost effective method of sourcing. Our aim is to make the procurement aspect of any project as smooth, efficient and time effective as possible. ADEA is able to source high standard materials at an extremely cost effective value. Some of the materials and services we can provide include the:

  • Manufacture of Structural Steel;
  • Manufacture of Steel Plates;
  • Manufacture of Steel Poles;
  • Manufacture off Industrial Bolts and Nuts;
  • Manufacture of Transmission Line Steel;
  • Manufacturing of Transmission Line fittings;
  • Manufacture of Overhead Conductors;
  • Manufacture of HV XLPE Cable;
  • Manufacture of Insulators (Composite, Glass, Porcelain)
  • HV equipment for substations
  • Preparations of tender specifications and documentation
  • Tender evaluation, contract negotiation and administration
  • Assistance in the procurement of various equipment and goods for power projects

Our main competitive advantage of sourcing material is the vast financial savings that we can offer our clientele as well provide assistance in obtaining finance from leading banks.Further, we have worked extensively with our partners to raise quality standards of both their final product, and manufacturing process. Our factories are one of the most advanced in the world, and conforms to all relevant International standards. This distinguishes us from every other manufacturer, as our service and product is the highest quality. Out engineers and experts are temporary based at manufacturers premises in manufacturing premises and all steps are taken to ensure that raw materials, the manufacturing process and testing and prototyping are adhered to in terms of the highest level of quality. The bottom line is, we can source materials which meet International standards, however come with an extremely cost effective price.



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